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Dynasty Records is a multi-faceted Independent Record Label and Distribution Company. 
Dynasty Agency is a subdivision   www.dynastyagency.com
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Presenting Your Song

1. If you have any problem with rejection, DO NOT send us your material
2. We only accept songs on cd. NO CASSETTES OR E-MAILS 
3. Include a self addressed stamped envelope .
a: We DO NOT pay for return postage.
b: We  keep your material on file for Six Months from date of receipt.
4. We will respond to you by phone or e-mail make sure you include in package
5. Be sure vocals are up front.
6. Typed lyric sheets.
7. DO NOT send over 3 to 5 songs.
8. Allow a minimum of 6 weeks for a response. (This does not mean we will respond in that time.) Depending on the amount of songs we are receiving, it could take longer.
Call every publishing company you can find.  It's all a numbers game.The more you call, the better chance you have of hearing a 'Yes'. Be polite and professional
Please send To:
Dynasty Music Group
P.O.Box 185 
Inverness, Florida
Att: Writer Submission

Dynasty Music Group will not respond to  or return any package without a self addressed stamped envelope, and will not keep on file. Please note when you submitt material to Dynasty Music Group , you will be added to our email list. If you with to be removed from this list, just reply with REMOVE in the subject line.

Commonly Asked Questions:
Copyrights are obtained through the Library of Congress. Click here for copywrite forms : www.copyright.gov  Cost is $30.00 per song.
How Good Do My Demos Have To Be:
The most important thing to remember about a demo is quality. A poor demo can kill the chance of a good song.

I Just Write Lyrics. How Can I Get Music To Put To My Lyrics:
Get involved with your local songwriters association. you will find other songwriters to co-write with or put music to your words. 

Should I Pay To Get My Song Published: 
NO!! If a company askes you to pay them to publish your song they are not legitimate.

How Much Does It Cost To Demo My Song: 
There are many variables that can effect the outcome of a demo. Cost of the studio, musicians, and how many songs you demo at once are the big variables. However, a good guitar/vocal should not run more that $100. a song. While a full band demo can run $300. to $1000. a song (Depending on how well prepared you are when you go into the studio) These are  averages. In some cases, the cost can considerably less or considerably more. Check with your studio.!!!

How Do I Get My Song Heard: 
First off, make sure your song is ready to be heard. Then, try every creative means possible. Contact music publishers, artist management companies and production houses