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Janet Carroll

" I Can't Give You Anything But Love"

1. When My Rockin' Horse Ran Away 

2. Black Coffee

3. Love Me Or Leave Me

4. The Boy Next Door

5. I Can't Give You Anything But Love

6. After You've Gone

7. Do You know What It Means To Miss New Orleans 

8. You Took Advantage Of Me

9. Am I Blue

10. Besame Mucho

11. Four Day Creep

Janet Carroll

" I'll Be Seeing You"
1. I'll Be Seeing You 

2. When I Leave This World Behind

3. It Had To Be You

4. Just A Close Walk With Thee 

5. But Not For Me 

6. St.Louis Blues

7. Strike Up The Band

8. Buddy Bolden's Blues

9. Golden Gate

10. What A Wonderful World

11. Feeling I'm Falling

12. Battle Hymm Of The Republic

Jay Tobin
"Sunrise In Paradise"   

1. Risky Business

2. Sunrise In Paradise

3. Street Serenade 

4. Mr. Mornin' Man

5. I Feel Your Love Inside 

6. How I Wish It Was You

7. American Son 

Funk Brother Jack Ashford and His Funk Brothers

1. Black Jack
2. Las Vegas Strut
3. Freemont Street
4. You Can Bet My Love Is True

5. Blues For Bass

6. Fallin In Love With You
7. Blues For Bass(Big Band)
8. Keep On

9. I Can Fly

10. Dance Song


"Kickin It Up"

1. Redneck Relaxation 

2. Livin' Lovin' Fool  

3. Tell Me Why 

4. Can't Get Enough Of You  

5. She Wants To Be Loved  

6. Gettin' Over You Over Me 

7. Holdin On 

8. You Won't Live Long  

9. All I Want 

10. Fool's Paradise  

11. Lovesick 

R. J. Torr   

"The Just Can't Help Its"

1. Hard Place and a Rock  

2. A-27 

3. The Just Can't Help Its 

4. A Love That Won't Let Go  

5. All I Got Was Worse  

6. The Cheated Mistreated Blues 

7. Marie LaVeaux   

8. It Takes Two

Joey Sontz   

"Chasing The Dream"
1. Help Me Make It Through The Night
2. Unanswered Prayers
3. On My Own ( from the Broadway musical “Les Miserables”)
4. The Gambler
5. It Goes Like It Goes
6. Favorite Things (with Special Guest Star Rachel Wellington)
7. Torn Between Two Lovers
8. Rainbow Connection
9.Lookin For Love
10. On The Side Of Angels.
Joey Sontz
"It All Begins With A Song"

1. Just a Little Two Step

2. I Melt

3. It All Begins with a Song

4. What's the Use in Even Trying

5. Go Uncle John

6. I Thought Heaven Was a Place

7. My Picture of You

8. Lucky Star

9. One Breath Away

10. I'm Lost, Empty and Blue