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Dynasty Records Canada

Dynasty Records Canada distributes Canadian Artists in Canada thru Dynasty Records Canada and in the US thru Dynasty Records US making your physical product available in over 1000 Stores in North America and WorldWide Digitally.

Dynasty Records Canada distributes the following Canadian Artists:

Aaron James Cranberry Wind

Amadeus 1. Oltre le Nuvole 2. Collezione

Danielle French 1. Shadows 2. Me, Myself & I 3. Piece

Don Berner The Don Berner Sextet Invades Calgary - Live At The Beatniq "

Donald Ray Johnson 1.

Jezebels Kiss Positively Hostility

Joal Kamps The Red EP

Opine Records Good People Bad Things

River City Big Band Just Friends

Sandro Dominelli The Alvo Sessions

Shelley Jones 1. Rock Steady 2. Faithfully 3. Shelley Jones

Sherry Lynn Wright Hope in My Eyes

Stu Porteous Blue

The Death Of Me This Will Be

Varze Records/The Sandro Donimelli Quintet Cafe Varze Jazz

Varze Records/ Shelley Jones Love On Time

Dynasty 1. Alberta Rock N Roll Reunion 2. Reno


Dynasty Agency